• The products of our land

    Liguria is a generous land, here are its fruits!

    We have always loved our territory, which generously offers vegetables and fruits. Each product has its own peculiarity (and its seasonality) and the beauty is precisely that of alternating them with the passing of the months. The mild climate, the fertile land and the sun of Liguria create the ideal conditions for the many and numerous species of fruit trees and vegetables that find here a favourable soil thanks to which they can grow strong and full of flavour. With these gifts of the earth we create products that our guests can savour in the structure and take with them on their way home, as a souvenir to give or to treat yourself.

    Our jams are created with 60% fruit, which means they have a low added sugar content (with only ascorbic acid used as a preservative). This makes them look as natural as possible. Syrups, on the other hand, can be used diluted with sparkling water for a refreshing drink, as ingredients in a cocktail or as a syrup for a cake. These products are really delicious, all to try!

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