Diano Castello

The cradle of Vermentino

Among the green of the woods and olive groves, not far from the sea, stands Diano Castello: a village that combines its strategic position with the beauty of its historic centre among whose narrow streets, which run between the houses built close to each other, one breathes the atmosphere of an ancient fortified town.

The village was also equipped with a wall whose layout, despite having been largely lost, can still be guessed: 4 gates (that of the Marina to the south, that of the Borgo to the north, that of Portello di San Pietro to the east and that del Mercato to the west) and several towers of which we find partial remains today.

Not to be missed: the municipal loggia that you meet immediately at the entrance to the town and decorated with the coats of arms of the municipalities that made up the Communitas Diani, two fourteenth-century tombstones and a reproduction of the plan of Diano Castello taken from the one created by Matteo Vinzoni in eighteenth century; Piazza Matteotti with the church of San Nicola da Bari, the Romanesque church of Santa Maria Assunta (13th century) and the church of San Giovanni Battista.

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