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Its ports, the Parasio promontory

Imperia, a province of Liguria in the Ponente riviera, was once an industrial city, but it has become a popular tourist attraction nowadays. Imperia is formed by the merging of eleven towns almost a century ago (in 1923). It has two different town centres, despite its 43.000 residents, and many beaches. Oneglia lies on one side, Porto Maurizio on the other, and these two towns were once rivals.

The Parasio promontory corresponds to the historical medieval city centre of Porto Maurizio, one of the symbols that make Imperia a unique place. Among the many churches, the ancient buildings and the typical alleys (caruggi), offer wonderful scenic views of the sea.

There are two centres, and two harbours as well. Everything in Imperia is double, and this is a peculiarity which makes this city so unique.

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